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February 18, 2011
12:45 a.m. CT


Our Church Building - September 7, 2007Around 1923 everybody in the country were farmers. There were no cars or trucks and the people walked, traveled in wagons or rode their mules. Some went to church at the White House and some went to church at Barn Creek, which was a pretty good distance on cold rainy days. There was a little one-room schoolhouse in the community, which was called Burleson School. J. F. Burleson and family who went to Barn Creek and Charlie Howell and family who went to White House, talked with others about meeting in the little school house. As a matter of convenience to everyone, 1922 or 1923 marked the beginning of the Church of Christ at Burleson. They met in the little schoolhouse until 1933, when it was decided they needed a building of their own. J. F. Burleson donated one acre of land and Charlie Howell furnished the lumber for the house. The house was small and additional rooms were added in 1940. Around 1960 or 1965 more rooms were added and in 1973, the present building was built on land that was donated by Coy and Essie Burleson.

Some of the preachers who held meetings at Burleson in years gone by were Charley Nichols, Gus Nichols, Chester Estes, W. A. Black, W. A. Holley, Edsel Burleson, Hoyt Bailey, and others. For many years they did not have a regular minister. However, those who have served as regular preachers were Mack Epperson, Hubert (Stubby) George, Burson Dobbs, Dave Howell, G. L. Mann, Tony Keith, Rex Manasco, and Todd Clippard. is Best Viewed at 1280 x 960 or Higher Screen Resolution :: Web Site Problems? Contact Our Webmaster is Copyright Protected by Burleson Church of Christ, Hamilton, Alabama. All Rights Reserved.