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February 18, 2011
12:45 a.m. CT


The foundation for these eleven lessons is based upon the Fishers of Men "Search for Truth" series. These files were created by Jake Taft of Jasper, Alabama, after he completed the Fishers of Men training course. Recognizing the need for greater distribution of this material, Jake created an online version of these lessons for worldwide distribution and availability.

Each of these lessons is an "executable" file,
but every one of them is totally safe.

Firefox Users: Click on the lesson you want to start, follow the prompt that appears onscreen and download to your computer, then double-click on it where you downloaded it to launch the lesson. Internet Explorer Users: Click on the lesson you want to start, click on OPEN to run the file without downloading it, or click on SAVE to download to your computer then double-click on it where you downloaded it to launch the lesson.

Lesson 1
The Inspiration of the Bible

Lesson 7
Should I Join a Church?, Worship

Lesson 2
Is the Bible from God?,
The Deity of Jesus

Lesson 8
Identifying the Church of the New Testament, Religious Unity

Lesson 3
The Ten Commandments, Miracles

Lesson 9
Becoming a True Disciple of Jesus

Lesson 4
Sin - Man's Greatest Problem,
Falling from Grace

Lesson 10
Speaking in Tongues

Lesson 5
Can I Be Forgiven?

Lesson 11
Lord Teach Us to Pray

Lesson 6
How Do I Obey the Gospel?

Any questions you have about these lessons should be directed to:

Todd Clippard
10655 U.S. Highway 278
Hamilton, Alabama 35570-4120 or (205) 921-9417

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