1 Corinthians 11: Restoring God’s Plan

1 Corinthians 11: Restoring God’s Plan

In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul sets out to restore God’s order and plan in the area of order among the sexes. Note! There are only two 😊.

From Creation, God set man as the head and leader of the home, religion, and society in general. Man was created first (Genesis 2; 1 Timothy 2:13). Woman was created for man (vv 8-9; Genesis 2:18). Woman was deceived and brought sin into the world (Genesis 3; 1 Timothy 2:14). But Paul is also careful to note that neither men nor women are independent from the other (vv 11-12).

In contrast and contradiction, western culture has abandoned the natural and Divine order. Now, in the name of “gender equality,” most social scientists have attempted to erase all distinctions between males and females. One of the most ludicrous and asinine statements one often hears today is, “Sex is biological; gender is a social construct.” Just to be clear, there’s been no great scientific discovery leading to the propagation of this foolishness. In fact, all science points in exactly the opposite direction.

Among the most egalitarian nations of Western Europe, the ones where the distinctions between men and women are ignored, and the goal of gender equality and equality of outcome are radically pursued, we find that the basic interests and differences between men and women are particularly marked.

For example, in these societies, men and women still pursue fields of study and employment that have been closely identified with their respective gender roles over the years. Men still pursue employment in the STEM fields, construction, etc. in overwhelming numbers, while women still pursue employment in areas such as childhood education, nursing, and traditional female pursuits.

Trying to deny the differences between men and women is both foolish and dangerous, because forcing gender equality regarding outcome makes society less safe and more unstable. I don’t want half of my local police force, fire department, or the military comprised of women.

One clearly sees the result of the abandonment of marriage and male-led, two- parent homes in the corruption of our public schools and the rate of juvenile delinquency across the country. It’s past time to get back to God’s order of things.

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