Acts 4: There are No Modern Miracles

Acts 4: There are No Modern Miracles

I cannot tell you how tired I am with dealing with the purveyors and promoters of modern miracles. I realize that some biblically (and willfully?) ignorant people might be genuinely deceived (cf 2 Thes 2:10-12), but those who perpetrate such on the ignorant masses are charlatans and frauds. No one will EVER convince me that Benny Hinn and other shysters believe they can perform miracles.

After the lame man was healed in Acts 3, the apostles were brought into custody. While conferring as to what to do with the apostles, the declaration was made: “For, indeed, a notable miracle has been done through them is evident to all who dwell in Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it” (Acts 4:16 NKJV). From this, we learn three things about genuine miracles:

1) Bible miracles are notable, that is, “well known.” The purchase of the Potter’s Field was “known to all those dwelling at Jerusalem” (Acts 1:19). Paul spoke of “that which may be known of God” as being “clearly manifest” (Rom 1:19). “Healing services” have occurred in our area in recent years, some reported by the local newspaper. No one can name one person who was healed. Strike one.

2) Bible miracles are evident. The word here translated “evident” means “shining, apparent, public.” In his commentary on Acts, F.F. Bruce wrote that the miracle was “all too clear” (NICNT, p 101, fn 22). I have often commented on how the Holy Spirit is apparently camera shy. With billions of cell phones around the world, not a single miracle has ever been documented! Cell phone cameras can catch boorish celebrity and terrorist bombers, but the Spirit’s miraculous activities remain a photographic enigma. Not only does He refuse to work in the daylight, He refuses to be recorded anywhere. Strike two.

3) Bible miracles are undeniable. The Jewish leaders knew the miracle performed was so well known so as to make denying it an exercise in futility. Not so with modern-day miracles. I have yet to see anyone produce a man for examination before and after a miracle. I’ve seen (in person) men claim to change amalgam fillings into gold and silver, but neither dentist nor dental records were present to verify. It is a miracle when a grown man who has never walked takes up his bed and leaps about (Acts 3). It is a miracle when a person is raised from the dead (Acts 9).  “Someone watching somewhere has just been healed of a toothache” is NOT a miracle. Strike three.

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