John 7: Jesus – The Ultimate Truth Teller

John 7: Jesus – The Ultimate Truth Teller

We live in a post truth age. By “post truth age” I mean that in Western societies people are more likely to accept or reject an argument based on their emotions and personal beliefs rather than upon objective facts and truth. This makes our work in carrying out the Great Commission even more difficult.

Lest we lament that no others have ever endured such obstacles, we should be reminded that the Lord faced such attitudes concerning the nature of the kingdom and even in the presence of Pilate, who asked, “What is truth?”

Paul faced this same lack of commitment to truth at Mars Hill. Those who gathered there sought primarily to hear or tell some new thing (Acts 17:21). This is why they were willing to listen to Paul (vv 18-19), but only for a time (v 32).

John 7 is a collection of truth statements from the mouth of our Lord. First, He spoke directly to His unbelieving brothers, saying, “Your time is always ready.” I believe He was responding in kind to their sarcasm and innuendo. They did not believe in Him and were belittling Him as “small town news” (vv 3-5).

Moreover, He spoke to their lack of conviction manifested by their lack of concern for the evil that is in the world, saying, “The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify of it that its works are evil” (v 7).

Jesus directed two truth statements toward the Jews in verses 16-19. First, He pointed to His heavenly Father as the authority and source of His message. Then, He not only accused them of not keeping the law but also of seeking to kill Him. In a funny turn of events, the Jews accused Jesus of having a demon, denying any intention of killing him. But in verse 25, their dastardly plan was common knowledge among the people as they asked of Jesus, “Is this not He whom they are trying to kill?

These everyday folks also noted the lack of action on the part of the Jews, saying, “But look! He speaks boldly, and they say nothing to Him.”

There is power in speaking truth. This is especially true when we speak God’s truth. “If any man speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God” (1 Peter 4:11).

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