Let Brotherly Love Continue

Let Brotherly Love Continue

Last Lord’s Day was yet another banner day for the Burleson church family. We had a wonderful fellowship and gift exchange following the evening service. It is a great blessing to be part of a congregation that loves to spend time together in and out of the assembly! As you can see on the previous page, there are more opportunities coming! Today we will have an extended morning worship service similar to that we had last year. Primarily, we will spend more time in singing and have an additional lesson during the service. This extra lesson will precede and center on the Lord’s Supper. We will likely dismiss around noon. This will be our only assembly for the day.

Rhonda and I have set up automated weekly online giving. I can help you understand these options and explain how this will be helpful to you as well as to the work here. You can set up your one time or recurring contribution through our newly redesigned website at www.burlesonchurchofchrist.com and clicking on “online giving.” You can also set up one time or recurring giving using the tithe.ly app on your smart phone. I have slips printed for those who use this service to put in the plate to help our elders get an accurate count each week.

The elders and deacons continue their deliberations and discussions concerning the budget and program of work for 2018. There is so much more to this than just talking about money! This includes an examination of all of our ongoing works, new works to replace some that have been discontinued, new mission works to be considered, building and grounds needs, outreach programs and matters of membership involvement and encouragement. If you have ideas on areas of work that need improvement or new ideas for consideration, please see the elders or deacons. We need these ideas as soon as possible. Todd and Rhonda


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