Luke 8: The Seed is the Word of God

Luke 8: The Seed is the Word of God

I am an avid gardener and have been for many years. Like most gardeners, I know exactly what vegetables I want, and I know exactly which variety of those vegetables I want.

For example, when it comes to sweet corn, I am strictly a Bodacious grower. With indeterminate tomatoes, give me Atkinson. When it comes to peas, nothing but Mississippi Pink Eye #2 Purple Hull will do.

I also grow varieties of okra, different types of peppers, squash, cucumber watermelon, cantaloupe, and cabbage.

Imagine that you visited me in the middle of the gardening season and wished to see my garden. Then, as you looked over all the different kinds of plants, I told you, “I got all of these different plants by planting only one kind of seed.”

What would you think? Probably at first, you would assume I was joking. But if I were adamant in that assertion, there are only two reasonable conclusions you could draw—I’m a liar or a lunatic. Everyone knows you can’t get corn, peas and tomatoes from only one seed. Moreover, you also know that I can’t even get different varieties of the same vegetable from a single seed.

In 2015, I made a trip to Ghana, West Africa to help teach the locals how to grow their own food using minimal land and water. I had seeds remaining from my previous year’s garden and took them with me. Do you know what sprouted and grew when I planted those Jubilee watermelon seeds? The exact same thing as sprouted when I planted them in Alabama. Jubilee watermelons.

So what’s my point? There are literally thousands of different religious groups in America, all claiming to be Christianity, and all claiming to follow the Bible. But one seed can only produce one result. And since Jesus described God’s word as seed, then that seed can only produce and reproduce the same thing.

Simply put, it is impossible to take the Bible, and it alone, and produce all the religious institutions we see today. And anyone who thinks otherwise is denying the principle of reproducing after its kind found all the way back in Genesis 1.

There isn’t room for even two churches in the seed of God word. Much less hundreds or thousands.

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