Romans 3: In case I missed anyone

Romans 3: In case I missed anyone

Romans 1 was a blanket indictment of the sins of the Gentiles provoked and unrestrained by their reprobate minds (vv 18-32). Romans 2 showed the Jews’ manifold moral failures and hypocrisy “hidden” under the cloak of the Law.

Anticipating an objection from the Jews regarding Paul’s perceived disrespect for the Law, the apostle reassures them of their place in God’s plan, for unto them was committed the oracles of God (vv 1-2).

But from there Paul goes on to note that through their own failures, the Jews failed to take advantage of God’s blessing to them through the Law. Any failed advantages of the Jews could not be laid at God’s feet, for God is always faithful.

Finally, Paul brings both Jew and Gentile back together as condemned under sin: “For we have previously charged both Jews and Greeks that they are all under sin. As it is written: There is none righteous, no, not one.”

However, as all were uniformly condemned under sin, all were equally blessed through the love and grace of God manifest in the gift of Jesus. The righteousness of God does not come through the Law or its observance, but through faith in Jesus Christ for all who would believe, both Jew and Gentile.

Since the righteousness of God is revealed to those who are in Christ, there is no longer any place for boasting by the Jews regarding the Law. Paul makes his point perfectly clear, from henceforth mankind will be justified through faith in Jesus apart from the works of the Law (v 28).

As we close, we must remember that neither faith in Jesus nor freedom from the works of the Law of Moses are to be confused with no Divine conditions for salvation or human responsibility in light of the same.

God had always demanded obedience from man as a means of redemption and justification under the Patriarchal and Mosaic Dispensations. The inauguration of the Gospel or Christian Age is no different. John preached repentance and baptism for the remission of sins; Jesus preached the same and so did His authorized representatives (Acts 2:38).

As everyone is condemned under sin, all will be made righteous by the same method. There are not many paths to righteousness.

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