What is a budget?

What is a budget?

  1. A budget is a GOAL. It sets forth a program of work for the church and informs the local body of all the works of the congregation and the great task of laboring for the Lord.
  2. A budget is a PLAN. It is a blueprint to reveal to the congregation exactly what the church is doing and reveals the balance or lack thereof in the direction of the local body.
  3. A budget is a MAP. If provides direction for the church and encourages each member to continue to grow spiritually as we journey together toward heaven.
  4. A budget is a CHALLENGE. Every congregation should continuously strive to expand the scope of their kingdom labors. It is a challenge to each member to recognize the sacrifice involved in funding the many needs of the church.
  5. A budget is a PICTURE. It reveals to the church and to the world what exactly are our priorities. Like a collection of a child’s school pictures, a budget is a picture of our growth as a local body. Just as a child grows from year to year, and her picture reveals her progress toward maturity, review of past budgets should reveal similar growth and maturity among the children of God.
  6. A budget is a SELF EXAMINATION. It answers the question, “Are we focused on ourselves or are we focused outward as the Lord desires?”
  7. A budget is a LADDER. It helps us climb ever higher in our service, our sacrifice, and draws us nearer to the Lord of our salvation.
  8. A budget is a HARNESS. It places the yoke of financial responsibility on the shoulders of those who are truly obligated to carry out the Lord’s work… the church.
  9. A budget is a WITNESS. It shows the world we are willing to practice what we preach, that the Lord’s work is only to be funded by the free-will offerings of the church, and not through the money-raising schemes practiced by denominationalism.
  10. A budget is a proof of our LOVE (2 Cor 8:24). It is a tangible testimony to the Lord of our love and appreciation for all He has done for us and is doing for us even at this present hour.
  11. A budget is a testimony of our FAITH. David said, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, not his seed begging bread” (Psalm 37:25). It says we trust in the Lord to provide all our needs when we put His kingdom first in our finances (Matt 6:25-33).
  12. A budget is an OPPORTUNITY. It allows us to see the church grow in grace, faith, knowledge, spirit, and liberality as we prioritize our expenditures (at home and in the church). It is an opportunity for each man, woman, and child to see his/her contribution at work. It shows the importance of every gift, no matter how large or small. It is an opportunity to see how giving our very best each week is vital to the saving of souls.

Yes, a budget is all this and so much more! May we all commit ourselves to respond accordingly as we recognize God’s blessings and providence in our lives. Adapted . . .TC


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