Hebrews 4: The Word of God and Our Perfect High Priest

Hebrews 4: The Word of God and Our Perfect High Priest

God had called Israel out of Egypt (Matt 2:15) and led them by a mighty hand, making a distinction between His people and the nations round about (Ex 8:23). But this did not ensure their security. Only through continued faithfulness to God’s word would they enter the rest He had prepared for them. Moreover, it was God’s word that revealed their unbelief (Heb 4:2).

The same goes for us. While we may appear to be separated from the world, we may still be unfaithful. God’s word is the true revealer of man’s heart. While many profess to be God’s children, their willingness to obey His word is the true test of faithfulness.

When professed believers refuse God’s clear directives, the word reveals a heart defect. Israel exemplified their unbelieving heart by refusing to enter Canaan. The Rich Young Ruler revealed his when He refused Jesus’ final command.

In like fashion, when professed believers today refuse to withdraw from those who walk disorderly because they don’t think it will work or out of fear of public sentiment or lawsuit, the word of God has revealed a flaw in their hearts. Also, when you hear someone say of a Bible text, “I know it says that, but…”, you know immediately that there is a heart problem. While some may object, saying, “You are judging me!”, in fact it is God’s word that revealed the flaw.

Finally, make note of the statement of Jesus’ superior high priesthood. Jesus is a better high priest than Aaron and his descendants. (More on this in chapter 7.)

Jesus is a greater high priest because of His superior position. While Aaron and his descendants served men on earth, Jesus serves men from heaven.

Jesus is a greater high priest because of His perfection. While the Bible never uses the word “perfect” in regard to sinless perfection, I think it appropriate to use the term here.

Jesus is a greater high priest because of his proximity to God. Not only is he in heaven, he is seated at the throne of God at the Father’s right hand (Heb 8:1).

Jesus is our faithful and perfect high priest.

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