Hebrews 5: I’d like to talk about Melchizedeck, but…

Hebrews 5: I’d like to talk about Melchizedeck, but…

Having begun his defense of Jesus’ superior high priesthood in chapter 4, the author continues the same in chapter 5. However, as he introduces Melchizedek, he realizes his audience lacks the knowledge and discernment needed to receive said teaching.

From this point in verse 11, the author transitions to a stern rebuke of his audience for their spiritual immaturity. I love this text, as I am one who speaks repeatedly (some might say incessantly!) on the need for discernment.

As I read Hebrews 5:12-14, and then Hebrews 6:1-8, I cannot help but think about the current state of the church. There is precious little regular Bible reading among the average member today. Brethren have plenty of time for Facebook and other forms of social media, time to watch television and “binge watch” entire series of programs, time to exercise or pursue a virtually unlimited number of life’s pleasures, but can’t find time to spend with God and His word.

As one who teaches and preaches four times a week in my home congregation, I can see the lost look of confusion as I mention people and passages with which I assumed all Christians should be at least nominally conversant. I hear the comments and questions that not only indicate a person hasn’t been reading his Bible, but also hasn’t spent one moment preparing for class.

Having traveled across the country for the last 30 years, I’ve sat in on classes that are little more than story time sharing at the local library or mindless self-help sessions. Others are a pooling of the class’ collective ignorance.

In these situations, frustrated teachers who have prepared themselves to bring the goods are turned into tutors who must spoon feed godly Gerber to a less than willing infant.

New converts classes excepted; Bible class time should be a time when mature Christians gather to work their way through the meat of the inspired text with an earnest desire to implement what is learned in their day to day activities.

With the incredible access to the Bible and Bible tools available today, it is nigh unto criminal that we have allowed ourselves to become to biblically illiterate.

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