It’s a Great Time to Be at Burleson!

It’s a Great Time to Be at Burleson!

The Burleson church family has been extremely blessed in the last handful of years! We have witnessed several people obeying the gospel (I’m looking at you Dennis, Samantha, Jimmy and Carolyn!), we have been blessed with the addition of several young families (the Hunts are only half young!), the birth of children (and more coming!), and grandparents diligently bringing their grandchildren. We’ve been blessed with faithful brethren placing membership, looking for a sound church wherein they can serve the Lord. The result of all of this is seen in our attendance and contribution figures, but there’s so much more to our blessings than people and numbers!

Look at the spiritual development taking place in this church! We have more men than ever leading the Wednesday night devotionals. If you missed Dennis presenting his lesson on forgiveness three weeks ago, you missed hearing a brother deftly and confidently handle a beautiful Old Testament account. I regret not hearing Ryan the Wednesday before that as he spoke on the subject of God’s patience. Phillip painted a marvelous parallel of his life as a diabetic and as a Christian. It is difficult to articulate my appreciation for Furman and his contributions to the work. When he volunteered to handle the Lord’s Supper on Sunday nights, it was nice to sit and participate with the rest of the audience. Those seemingly little things mean so much!

Additionally, we have more men and women involved in helping and leading our classes. For the men’s class, we are getting greater participation as we work through various texts and study together. Bobby and Kyle continue to make astute observations and contributions to our study.

Concerning the Sunday afternoon ladies class, our sisters of all ages are stepping up and taking a lead role in teaching. Brandy taught in the previous series, and Amber took the lead with the newest series of studies. Rhonda taught, and Brandy said it made her cry (I’m guessing in a good way and not like how people cry when I preach!)

Moreover, we are blessed with visitors at nearly every service, which means our prospects of growing through conversions are excellent. Please pray for those who are visiting but have not yet obeyed the gospel or need to be restored back to their Lord.

Finally, there is a love that prevails among this church family, leading to an incredible spirit of unity and bond of peace.

All of these things speak to a bright future for our church family. But there is more that can and must be done. We want and need this congregation firing on all cylinders. Paul spoke of every member of the body doing its share, and in so doing the body grows and also edifies (builds up) itself in love (Eph 4:16). Let us all “pursue those things that make for peace and the things whereby we can edify one another” (Rom 14:19).

To borrow a phrase from our Lord, “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them” (John 13:17).


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