Matthew 8: Jesus Demonstrates His Power: 1

Matthew 8: Jesus Demonstrates His Power: 1

Matthew 8 is the beginning of a series of events whereby Jesus demonstrates His Divine power in an undeniable fashion.

In Matthew 8:1-4 we find the Lord healing a leper. What is particularly moving about this account is the fact that Jesus touched the man to heal him, even though such was completely unnecessary (as we will soon see in verses 5-13).

The leper was a pariah among the Jewish populace. The Law of Moses prescribed quarantine for those so afflicted. Clothes and even houses were considered polluted by it. To come into contact with such a one or thing was to become defiled (Lev 5:3).

The fact Jesus touched the man must not be underestimated. Newborn babies are placed skin on skin in their mother’s bosom for the first hours after birth. Consider the consoling power of a hug or hand on one’s shoulder in time of despair or grief. How many couples hold hands in times of sorrow after not doing so for years? The power of touch is inestimable.

How long had it been since this man last felt the warmth and compassion of human touch? There was far more than physical healing in the touch of Jesus. His public display showed the multitudes the value of this man who had been an outcast of society.

Consider also the power that Jesus manifest over space or distance. In verses 5-13 we see the healing of the centurion’s servant from afar. Jesus healed a man he couldn’t see. How far this one had come is not relevant. Jesus was not in physical proximity, yet such had no effect on His ability to heal.

Another sign of Divine authority is found in verses 23-27, where Jesus commands the stormy winds and the waves to be still. Despite being witnesses to so many great deeds of Jesus, this one appears to have impressed them the most.

Finally, we see Jesus’ power over Satan in the exorcism of demons and His complete power over them to permit them to enter the swine.

“John performed no sign, but all the things that John spoke about this man were true” (John 10:41).

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