Matthew 9: Jesus Demonstrates His Power: 2

Matthew 9: Jesus Demonstrates His Power: 2

Matthew 9:1-8 is one answer to using of the thief on the cross as an argument against baptism being necessary for salvation. The first is that the thief died more than a month before Jesus commanded it (cf Mk 16:16). But in this case, we see that Jesus had power on earth to forgive sin (v 6). This power was demonstrated in His healing of the paralytic. One thing that strikes me is the misunderstanding on the part of those who witnessed this event, as they glorified God for giving such power to men, but He didn’t give it to man, He gave it to His Son! They missed the point Jesus was making in verse 6!

In Matthew 9:18-26 we find the first incident of Jesus raising someone from the dead. This is not the first time we see the dead raised in Scripture (cf 2 Kings 4), but it is the first instance of Jesus raising the dead.

Included in this text is the marvelous account of the faith of a woman with an issue of blood. Rather than speak to Jesus personally, she had enough faith in the Lord to know that she could be healed simply by touching Him as He passed by.

Additionally, this chapter speaks specifically of two more miracles performed by the Lord, namely, the healing of two blind men and the exorcism of a demon who caused a man to be mute.

Thus, in these two chapters we see Jesus exercising authority over disease, distance, disturbances, demons, disabilities, defilement and death. The evidence is clear… Jesus was a divine being!

Finally, as we draw this chapter to a close, we see more evidence of the compassion of Jesus. Jesus was concerned not only with the physical needs of the people, but also their spiritual needs. This is particularly important as we consider that Jesus was a physical manifestation of the heavenly Father (John 14:9). Many of the misconceptions of God could be answered if people would learn to see the Father through the Son.

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