Romans 7: Ditch that Dead Husband

Romans 7: Ditch that Dead Husband

In extolling the superiority and exclusivity of the gospel of Christ, Paul compared the Law of Moses to a dead husband. While a woman may have once been married to her husband, when he is dead that bond is severed so that she may marry another without being an adulteress.

In like fashion, Paul continued, the Law of Moses was to the Jews as a dead husband. Being freed from that law, they were free to be married to another, even Christ that they might bear fruit to God.

Here in my home state of Alabama, one can find literally hundreds or thousands of yard signs with the Ten Commandments on them, each sign extolling the need to “Keep the Ten Commandments.” But should we keep the Ten Commandments? And even more pertinent, CAN we keep the Ten Commandments today?

Permit me a series of questions to elucidate the matter.

Can an American citizen, while residing in the United States, keep the laws of Canada, Germany, or any other country? Should they be concerned with or even attempt to keep the laws of another country?

Of course, the answer to these inquiries is “No.” American citizens should not concern themselves with the laws of other nations because they are not amenable to those laws. That is, the laws of other nations do not apply to them.

Can an American citizen keep the Articles of Confederation? These Articles were the first Constitution of the United States. However, they were replaced by what is now known as the Constitution of the United State of America. When the Constitution was ratified, it of necessity invalidated the Articles in their entirety.

The gospel of Christ is God’s newest and final covenant with man. When Jesus validated that covenant through His resurrection from the dead, He forever invalidated the Law of Moses, including the Ten Commandments.

Any attempt to follow Christ while also attempting to hold on to the Ten Commandments is to commit spiritual adultery. As a woman cannot have two husbands, a person cannot follow two covenants.

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